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Versus #2

The tale of Telema is one that has resounded throughout the heavens. The man, whose will defied a universe and would give birth to what is now known as the August Idyll, the holy scriptures of a brave new universe. Centuries later, Mamadan Butu- prophet and founder of the religious Order of Mamadans- through his extensive studies of the tenets of Telema, reveals a prophecy that would be the beginning of an age old struggle. Now, led by the Legendary Deathly Saint Iyan’gura, the followers of Mamadan seek to bring an end to the rapid technological advancement of all sentient life in the known universe and The Galactic Alliance are forced to send Saints of their own to do battle with Iyan'gura and his formidable disciples. In issue #2: In our First Issue, the young Deathly Saint named Jabari finds himself set on the path to aide the Galactic Council in the efforts to stop a new and ominous menace. He and his new found companions will soon find that the identity of the villain responsible for their gathering to be none other than one of the Legendary 13 Saints of Swords.


Publisher:Comic Bandit Press

Author:Adeniyi Adeniji

Genre: Sci Fi , Action , Adventure


Number of Pages:26

Release Date:2013-11-22